What it is. is a dutch website especially for women. On this website you can find al kind of information about physical and mental wellbeing for women. There are articles on the website about food and movement but also about inner wellbeing, relaxation, sex or being a parent. Besides reading articles you can also write articles yourself. Other women can reply on your article but also the professionals who work on this website can reply on your article by giving you advice. There is also a forum on the website. On this forum the women can discuss different thinks they run into. On this forum the women are mixed with the professionals so they can get good help. The women do not only share problems with each other but they also give tips about workshops or vacations they like.

Why it’s cool.

I think is cool because it is a website especially for women. Women have different problems and different thinks they like then man. I think it is good that there are also professionals working on this website to give the women good advice. People will be more busy with their physical and mental wellbeing. A website like this helps people to develop a better and healthier lifestyle.


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