Coolhunt: Granny’s Finest

What it is

Granny’s Finest is an organization which helps lonely grannies with making contacts. A lots of grannies in the Netherlands are lonely. Many of them like to knit. When you combine them, you will come to Granny’s Finest. Young designers make patterns for different knitting-works. The grannies come together in groups and going to knit the patterns together. After the grannies are done knitting, they write a little card with a message. After you received your scarf, gloves or other fashionable item you can write “your” granny a postcard to thank her. This way they do something they like and get satisfaction from it.


Why it is cool

Granny’s Finest is cool because it helps old people make contacts by doing something they like. It adapts to the trend “Experience Economy”. It especially adapts to phase 3, authenticity. It adapts to authenticity because it is made by grannies and it gets a personal touch because of the little card attached to the items.



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