Coolhunt: Snapshop showroom

What it is

Snapshop Showroom is an app for iPhone and iPad. With this app you can see how a piece of furniture suits your home.

When you open the app you can pick a category of furniture. After this you will get a screen with different types of this category. Now you can choose the piece of furniture which you like and tap on it. The piece of furniture disappears on your screen and so does the room you stand in (this is through your camera). You can turn the piece of furniture in any way you want. And put it on a place in your living room where you want it to be. When it is at the right place in the right position you can take a picture. You can now post the picture on Facebook to ask some advice from your friends. When you decide you want to buy the piece of furniture, you can buy it immediately through the app.


Why it is cool

Snapshop Showroom is cool because you spare time because you do not have to go to the store to buy a new piece of furniture. Besides that, the app is cool because you can immediately see how the furniture suits your home. The app adapts to the trend Expierence Economy Phase 4 ‘Virtuality and Involvement’ and especially ‘Augmented Reality’.


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