Coolhunt: I-Tour 360

What it is

I-Tour 360 is an app for your smartphone. Whit this app you can do a tour around different cities in the Netherlands. Once you downloaded the app you can buy different routes in different cities. During the route you can get a signal when you walk something historical or special. When you are at a special place, you can see how it looks inside or see how it looked long ago. Besides that, you can take pictures, do a quiz or do assignments. If you walk across a nice museum or restaurant, you can get a discount through the app. When the tour is finished, you will get a link to your own website. This websites saves the photos you took, the results of the quiz and take a look at the route again. You can share your photos on Facebook.

Why it is cool

I-Tour 360 is cool because you can do a city trip whenever you want, without having to book something. I-Tour 360 adapts to the trend “Expierence Economy”, especially phase 3, “Augmented Reality” because you give a new online layer to the offline world.


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