Coolhunt: Foodhouse app


What it is

Foodhouse app is an app for any iPhone or Android phone. The app has data about 6000 products soled in supermarkets. Foodhouse has information like how many calories, salt or other nutritional value. If you are allergic to something, you can check the app to see if you can eat the food. Besides all the information about the ingredients of the food, there is also a lot of information about the covering business of the products. You can also see recent campaigns about the products. As a costumer you can rate the products you bought so other users of Foodhouse can see this. If you want, you can compare different brands to see which brand suits you the same as it comes to nutritional values or the opinions of other users. Foodhouse has started because the makers think there should be more transparency in the food industry.

Why it is cool

The Foodhouse app is cool because it contributes to more transparency in the supermarkets. With this app it is not as easy anymore to hide information for the costumers. Costumers can now choose to buy products who really fit their principles or their diet. In this way the costumer knows what they eat and they can make more conscious decision.


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