Coolhunt: Locavore Fantasia

Image converted using ifftoany

What it is

Locavore Fantasia is a vertical farm developed by Work Architecture. Locavora Fantasia is build in New York city. It is a high building that is build oblique. On the oblique side farmers can grow their vegetables and fruits. At the bottom of the building there is a market. On this market the costumers can buy the products made on the roof of the building. Visitors can also take a look at the yields of the building. The idea behind this building is to bring the farm back into the city and let costumers see where their food comes from.

Why it is cool

I think Locavore Fantasia is cool because it adapts to the trend Total Transparency. By farming on top of the market the costumers exactly know how their food is produced. This kind of transparency is important because the costumers know what they eat. If you take a look at the yields, you will see the farmers do not use pesticide. This way you know you eat healthy food.


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