Coolhunt: Open New York

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What it is

Open New York is a website launched by the government of the State of New York, United States. The slogan of the website is: “Bringing the people back into government…”. The purpose of the website is to make clear to the people what happens in the government of New York. Lots of local governments subscribed to the website. On the website you can find different things about your own county, city or town. You can find information like where to eat, where you can catch the most fish or where you can find the nearest childcare. This is all not very special, you can also find this on many other website. But, what makes this website other then others are the other things the governments put on the website. Always been curious where the taxes go you paid? Take a look at the page OpenBudget. Want to know how the economy raises or falls in your county? Just take a look at the stats on the website. Ready to go on a trip but not wanting to get stuck in traffic? Take a look at the page Traffic Tree Map. All this you can find on just one website. The website is launched at the beginning of this week and there are already fifteen counties, twenty-two cities and twenty-five towns who put their information on the website.

Why it is cool

I think Open New York is cool because the local governments give the citizens a change to see what the government is doing. There are many examples of governments who do not do this and the citizens of this counties or cities have a lot of questions about where their money goes or how the economy is doing. I think this is a good way to be more transparent. I hope there will be a lot of cities or countries around the world who take example from this. In this way the people all around the world know what their government is doing and what they pay for.


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