Coolhunt: Ecowijk Houten


What it is

Ecowijk Houten is an area in the city Houten in the Netherlands which is build fully eco friendly. The houses build in this area all provide their own energy. There will be a shared garden where people can grow their own vegetables or fruits. There will also be some water where people can grow their own fishes. There will be windmills that provide the energy for the houses but also for the power needed for street lights. The rain water will be used to flush the toilets. In the centre of the area there will be a centre to have meetings or organize parties. There will be 35 houses in the area.

Why it is cool

I think this is cool because it gives people the change to live in a full green environment. The people who live in this neighborhood all have the same thing in comment: they care about nature. This brings a connection and makes the neighborhood more tolerant. In the future there will be more of this initiatives. Some of them are already planned. You can look at my sources to see some other very cool initiatives.



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