Coolhunt: Electree


What it is

Electree is a telephone charger designed by Vivien Muller that looks like a bonsai tree. The leaves of the three are small photovoltaic panels. It allows you to charge your telephone with only light. You do not need any other energy source. Electree is delivered in modules. This way you can make your own little bonsai tree, yours will be different then anyone else’s. The fact that it is delivered in modules also has the benefit that you can optimize the photovoltaic panels so they catch the most light. Energy collected in daylight is stored in a hidden battery. If you want to charge you telephone, you only need to plug in an USB-cable.

Why it is cool

I think this is cool because you save a lot of energy by charging your telephone with sunlight. This good for the environment because we charge our telephones a lot these days. It also saves you a few euros a month because you do not need the electricity anymore. Besides that I think it is cool costumers can optimize the tree and give it the look they like. I think this is only the beginning. In a few years there will be more electric devices which get their power out of the sunlight or from wind energy.


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