What it is

A farm in the city, not a bad idea as it comes to Ellen Mensink. The farm is not there yet but the plans are made and the search for investors has started. The  city farm will be located at the sport fields ‘De Melkweg’ in the Northern of Amsterdam. It will be a multi used farm. There will be cows, pigs and chickens but also many vegetables and fruits. Ellen Mensink thinks there are too less good city farm initiatives. She thinks it is important that people know where their food comes from. This is exactly why she came up with this idea. She is still looking for people to invest money but also people who want to help thinking about the possibilities of the farm. Students, professionals and neighbors are welcome to help.

Why it is cool

I think this initiative is cool because it makes people more conscious about what they are eating. It is good to bring farming into the city because many people who live in the city have never seen a cow or do not even know how tomatoes grow. Besides this, it is also good for the environment because there is no need to transport the goods. And on top of all, it brings people together.



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