Coolhunt: roofwindmill

What it is

Swift is a company which designs windmills. The windmills they design are nog the typical windmills you will see when you take a ride through the Netherlands. Those windmills usually make a lot of noise and besides that, they are huge. It is not something every housekeeping can enjoy. Swift thought this could be changed. They designed small and almost soundless windmills to put on a roof. The windmills do the same as solar panels. But, here in the Netherlands, there is wind like all the time. This means this is a very good way to consume green energy. The windmills are pretty expensive and the subsidy in the Netherlands is not that high. Meanly companies use it nowadays.

Why it is cool

I think these windmills to put on your roof are cool because it is a different type of green energy. There is a lot of wind in the Netherlands so why don’t we just use it to warm up our house or to watch television. And there is also more wind then good sunshine which you need for solar panels.I think it is a shame the Dutch government does not support this kind of initiatives because it is very good for the environment. I think a lot of people would use this if it was more affordable. I hope we will see a lot of houses with a windmill on top in the future.


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