Coolhunt: Atmos desk

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What it is:

Atmos desk is something like a room divider, designed by Jeremy Lee. This is a devider to put on top of your desk so you can create your own working space is a crowded room. In this way, you will always have your own quiet place to work. But you can also use it when you’re working at home, to separate yourself from your children or partner. Atmos desk is fold into a little package. It weighs about 800 grams. Costumers can pick their own fabric so it’s personalized. In the Atmos desk, there is led light which can change its color. This way you can create the mood you want. If you want a peaceful environment you can make it blue. But if you really want to work hard, you can make the light turn red.

Why it is cool:

I think Atmos desk is cool because you can take your own private workspace to any place you like without making many adjustments. It’s especially useful for people who have problems concentrating but are on the road a lot.

Why it has future growth potential:

Many people are on the road nowadays and the number of people who do this will only grow. More and more businesses have different buildings or have possibilities to work at train stations or at airports. A lot of people work here so there can be a lot of noise. Besides that, there is always another environment in every building, station or airport. With the Atmos desk you always have your favorite environment and you can separate yourself from the mass. I think we will see more of this kinds of concepts in the future because people like to co-work but sometimes it is necessary to retreat yourself to focus on what you’re doing.



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