Coolhunt: GoSleep

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What it is:

GoSleep sleeping pods is a chair which can turn into a bed. When you are sitting in the chair, it turns into a bed. The bed can be closed so you will be in the dark and out of the noise. In the near future the chairs will be updated with WiFi, secure service for luggage and charging points. The sleeping pods are already available at Abu Dhabi International Airport. The sleeping pods are designed for travelers who have to wait a couple of hours before the plain leaves and are to tired to shop at the tax free shops. Abu Dhabi International Airport is the best airport in the Middle East. This is also because of the sleeping pods. Due the success of the sleeping pods, there will be more sleeping pods at the airport.

Why it is cool:

Traveling is tiring. It is important to get some rest on time. Many people nowadays travel by public transportation. This is better for the environment then traveling by car. Globalization makes people travel around the world so a plane will be a more important way of traveling. With this sleeping pods you can get enough rest when you are traveling the world.

Why it has future growth potential:

GoSleep sleeping pods has future growth potential because people will be able to fly more in the future. Companies will be spread around the world and sometimes it will be hard to keep up to this lifestyle when you do not get enough sleep. If you can sleep at the airport after you checked in, you will save time and get the rest you need.


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