Coolhunt: Levitation Concept Bike

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What it is:

Michael Strain designed a concept bike which charges your mobile devices. The design of the bike is very futuristic. In the bike, there is a chargeable battery. Whit this battery you can charge your smartphone, tablet or other devices through an USB 3.0 port. There is a LED screen which shows you the status of your battery. The lights on the front and on the back of the bike are also empowered by the energy generated by your biking trip. The bike also has a WiFi hotspot so you can always be online. When you are done working out but there is more energy, you can give it to your house or electric car. The bike will be made of Hi-Macs, a building material mostly used for kitchen workbenches.

Why it is cool:

I think this bike is cool because you do not need any energy made of fossil resources. Besides that, you can always be online through the internal WiFi. This way you can always be available while you are working out. It also saves money. A ride on a bike does not cost anything but charging your phone “old-fashioned” costs a couple of euros.

Why it has future growth potential:

People are on the move, now and in the future even more. Resources become rare. With this bike people will always be available when they are moving from A to B. Resources to make energy are not needed anymore. If everyone uses physical energy to provide their mobile devices with, the whole world would be a lot more healthy. Not only because rare resources are not used anymore but also because people move a lot more.



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