Coolhunt: WorkaWay

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What it is:

WeLL Design, located in the Netherlands, designed the WorkaWay. WorkaWay is an office away from the office. The WorkaWay stations are bright colored, open squares. In the center of the square there is a desk for your computer. It has a WiFi connection so you can use your own computer, smartphone or tablet. The energy used to charge your smartphone, laptop or tablet is generated by the solar panels on the roof of the WorkaWay. Users can turn the WorkaWay in every way they want. This means the users never have to work with the sun right on the screen of their laptop. The WorkaWays will be located in different open areas like universities or at a park. The WorkaWays can be reserved with an app for your smartphone. WeLL Design designed this for people who are always on the road and for people who do not want to sit in a dark dusty office all day.

Why it is cool:

I think it is cool because whit this WorkaWay you can work outside which is good for the concentration. Besides that, the WorkaWays will be located at many open areas so everybody can use them whenever they want. This makes it more possible to connect with people from other branches, in this way the users of the WorkaWays can build out there network.

Why it has future growth potential:

It has future growth potential because people are always on the move, now and in the future. When there is a WorkaWay in your neighborhood, you can easily work at an office with all equipment. Besides that, people are getting sick of always having to work at a dark depressing office. Because the WorkaWays are located in nature this will be really attractive for people who like to be outside. They can work a whole day at the park or they can go and work a few hours in nature until they are back at the right energy level.



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