Bleisure airports

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Whether you are travelling for leisure or business, you always want to do something different. Now a days we see some airports try to attract business travels to come over to the airport a couple of hours early. It is important for business people to have some free time when they are on a busy trip. The airport is becoming a perfect place for some quality time with yourself. It is all about bringing some leisure into your workday.

The London Luton Airport has gotten a big make-over. The new energetic rooms in London inspires creative minds to be even more creative. Even the gates and the customs desk are brightly coloured. You can make some music on a bright piano or you can just relax a little with your co-workers. The rooms of this new airport are suitable for any kind of traveller because they are so multifunctional. The new executive lounge will be a relaxing, quiet place where you can sit back and relax before your long flight back to work takes off.

If your trip was not as busy as you intentionally thought and you have finished your book, let’s hope you are at Helsinki Airport. I know, a lot of people read only digital books these days, but there are still a lot of people who read the paper ones. At Helsinki Airport you can swap your book. Leave your old story behind and make new stories with your new book. Grab one that look interesting and crawl into a Go Sleep for some relaxing me-time.

On your next trip you may want to pack some sports clothes, a swimsuit for your stay at Dubai Airport or you crocket outfit for a little game at London Heathrow. Both airports host sport activities so you can keep on working your body in a fun way while on a business trip.



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