Making food fun

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We keep on learning more and more about the food we consume every day. We want to transfer all of this knowledge to our children, but how are we going to do that?

In this world full of fast food and tons of sugar and salt, I think it is very important that children learn the importance of healthy living and prepping your own food from the day they are born. Of course, most children copy their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles so it is very important for all the adults in a kids life to give the right example. If a child sees his parents eat burgers and fries every day, they will want the same thing. To help parents make their children more conscious about food, I will now show some food games that make them understand food better and faster.

Let’s play cooking is a game that is designed by design affairs. There are 4 levels of cooking skills, which you can choose from, and 3 different nationalities. The game goes like this: first you choose a recipe that you might like and buy it from the store. When you start the game, it is a bit similar to games like trivial pursuit. You start by asking your opponent a question of a card (all the questions are related to the country the food originally comes from). If you answer correctly you will get a task. This can be anything, buy carrots, fry tomatoes, anything that has to do with cooking the dish. After all the questions are answered, everyone has some tasks to do. The person who wins the game will have the most tasks in cooking the dish. Together you can prep the dish and eat it when it’s done!

Food domino is a domino game designed by Leonie Anholts, she designed the game to bring a father and a son closer together but the game is also very good to teach a child what goes into their food. It is a very simple game of domino but inside the dominoes there are ingredients for recipes. When you are done playing the normal domino game, the last ingredient you put on the table will be the first ingredient you are going to cook with. You can find the recipes in the recipe book that will be included with the game.

Last but not least there is my daily food. We all know the food pyramid and we also all know that it is not very creative and attractive. My daily food is a puzzle game that has all the ingredients you need to fulfil the food pyramid. It has fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, fish, whole grains, oils and water, everything you need to have a nutritious diet. When you eat something, you pick the corresponding puzzle piece and put it in your puzzle. This will make everyone in the household more conscious about what they eat on a daily basis. The play element will attract kids to eat healthier, the better your puzzle will be solved, the better your diet is.



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